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The world is in our hands.  

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Cape Fear Global Club, Inc is a nonprofit organization comprised of teachers and dedicated to instilling in children a respect and understanding of the world around us by exposing them to other cultures and ethnicities.  We want to instill in both the adults and students an appreciation and regard for the diversity of our planet.  With the continual advances in technology in the 21st century, our world is becoming increasingly interconnected.  It is now a vital part of educators’ role and function to equip our students with the ability and desire to interact successfully in this ever-broadening world community.  As teachers of life long learners, we must expose our young adolescents to a global community and teach them to interact respectfully with various people groups in many countries.


The immediate goals for these trips include:

· Solidifying the partnership with St. Etienne’s school in Strasbourg, France

· Expose chaperons (teachers) and students from New Hanover County to a new culture thus expanding their knowledge and appreciation

· Use the art, architecture, museums, restaurants, concentration camp, medieval castle and other such sites in France to create a meaningful learning experience for the students that has particular historical relevance beyond pictures in book or on a screen

· Have students do reflections prior, during and after the trip to ingrain their learning and allow them to share with other

·  students upon their return

· Use technology to maintain blogs and emails to keep parents, community members and peers informed of the trip.


The long-term goals for these trips include:

· Establishing sister-schools around the globe that interact with one another using 21st century technology.

· Create a multi-cultural network of teachers who regularly communicate and interact.

· Foster students’ communication in a global network via email, blogs, or other electronic platforms.

· Have regular exchanges with St. Etienne’s lasting well into the future.

If you are interested in specific assignments please contact us.


This international trip will keep open the door to creating a world view and make its participants exemplars in America.  We can be a harbinger of global education and 21st century technology that allows our world to be connected and interactive.